1MM4GC Have A Heart Campaign


One Million Moms for Gun Control is asking you to send a Valentine to each of your Congressional representatives this Valentine’s Day. Tell your representatives that you are a mom, you vote, and you support common-sense gun laws NOW. One Million Moms for Gun Control will hand deliver your Valentines to the Hill on Valentine’s Day.

4 • Enclose each Valentine you make into its own individual letter-sized envelope. On the outside of each envelope write your Congressional representative’s name and only your name and your city as the return address. This envelope will be delivered, not mailed.

5 • Insert all letter-sized envelopes into one 9×12 mailing envelope. Stamp and address the mailing envelope to:
One Million Moms for Gun Control
Attn: “Have a Heart”
3220 N St. NW, #354
Washington, DC 20007