Arizona Gun Violence Survivors, Mayors and Moms Demand Action Applaud Governor Brewer’s Veto of Dangerous Gun Bills


Survivors, Mayors and Moms Urged Governor Brewer to Veto Dangerous Gun Bills: HB 2339, Bill That Would Force Local Governments to Allow Loaded, Hidden Guns in Public Buildings or Pay for Costly Security; and HB 2517, Bill that Would Make Public Officials Subject to Firing for Enacting Basic Public Safety Rules Arizona gun violence survivors, mayors and moms today applauded Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of HB 2339 and HB 2517, two dangerous gun bills that would have become law without her veto. … [Read more...]

Bloomberg’s Big Money Campaign For Gun Background Checks


Via NPR/WBUR Boston The NRA makes American politicians fearful at election time if they’ve voted for any restraints on guns. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to make them quake if they don’t. Americans overwhelmingly want background checks for gun buyers, says Bloomberg. Now he’s partnering with like-minded moms who want fewer guns in the hands of killers. And he’s putting $50 million into a campaign this year to push that change. To try to counterweight the NRA. Will it … [Read more...]

Moms Standing up to NRA’s Resistance to Sensible Gun Laws


By Shannon Watts, via The Indianapolis Star Next weekend, in Indianapolis, members of the National Rifle Association will gather for the organization’s annual convention. They’ll hear from NRA officials flown in from Washington and politicians from across the country. If past conventions are any indication, these leaders will again issue a series of talking points that actually run counter to the views of their members. Polls show, for instance, that 74 percent of NRA members and 82 … [Read more...]

10 Questions: The Gun Debate with Shannon Watts


By David Gregory, NBC NEWS 1) What motivated you to get involved in the gun debate, especially in starting Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America? The day after 26 Americans were slaughtered in the sanctity of an elementary school, I was so outraged that I started a Facebook page where moms concerned about gun violence in our country could talk. In just weeks, our online discussion quickly turned into an offline movement. And the more moms that learned about our lax federal and state … [Read more...]

NRA, Watch Out: Meet Bloomberg’s Supermom Secret Weapon

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Via The Good Fight Listen here: For two long decades, gun safety reform was a nonstarter. And then came the Newtown massacre. Outrage swept the country. Politicians vowed to act. And in Zionsville, Indiana, a stay-at-home mother of five logged on to Facebook and created a page that would become the epicenter of a new movement of moms to demand action and save lives. That mom, Shannon Watts, was a political neophyte, but her communications expertise—honed in her past career as a PR … [Read more...]

We Will Fight the NRA With Common Sense


By Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts, via CNN A year ago on Thursday, the U.S. Senate failed to pass a bill that would have helped fix our nation's gun laws by requiring background checks on all purchases of firearms. Ninety percent of all Americans -- and more than 80% of gun owners -- believe that all people should be subject to such checks. And even though the bill won majority support in the Senate -- more than 50 members -- it was not enough to break a filibuster. But in the year … [Read more...]

New Gun Violence Prevention Group ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ Unites Mayors, Moms and Millions of Americans on New Paths to Victory


Almost a year after a minority of the U.S. Senate blocked legislation to require comprehensive gun background checks despite near-unanimous public support, a new organization launching today will unite millions of Americans who will work together to end gun violence and counter the Washington gun lobby: Everytown for Gun Safety. At its center, the organization will house Mayors Against Illegal Guns, founded by former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and former Boston Mayor Tom Menino, … [Read more...]

April 16th Events


A year ago, a minority in the Senate voted to block legislation that would have required background checks for all commercial gun sales and saved lives. But even though Congress has stalled, we've seen victories in states and cities all over the country, and our movement is stronger than ever. There's a lot left to do, and your participation in the movement is crucial to passing common-sense laws all over the country. On Wednesday, April 16th, we're joining with Mayors Against Illegal Guns … [Read more...]